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                                                 About Us

Peter  Kimber is a family man and the founder of The Magic Aisle Ltd. Starting out in the construction industry Peter would always strive to use eco-friendly and sustainable products in the builds for his customers. He is now using the same ethos at TMA.

At The Magic Aisle we create a platform for UK-based manufacturers to sell eco-friendly products. And now, the company is quickly expanding, partnering with more independent UK brands that produce, where possible sustainable products to make it simpler for our customers to shop and live more consciously.

From novelty mugs - socks to natural sustainably-packaged tea bags, our online marketplace allows you to discover a whole host of eco-friendly products, hand-picked by our team with style and quality at the core.
We have also created the 'Book Shelf' for independent authors to have their written talents on show totally for free to help them find the audience they need.

So,  are you passionate about a variety of ethical issues that impact what you purchase?
Or just new to the idea of sustainably-conscious buying?
Whatever the case, we’re here to help you more easily live by your values.

Anyway, enough about us.......


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